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Moodboard of the Month – Street Art Wedding!

It’s the end of November (What? How??) which means it’s time for the moodboard of the month. We’re now a bit cold and the days are looking at bit miserable so we’ve gone back to one of our great loves as it’s bright and fun and makes us happy! We’re talking street art!


Perfect for a warehouse wedding, railway arch or studio wedding, this very urban wedding look oozes creativity, city style and lots of personality! If you’re going to do it, we think it’s best if you really go for it – no holds barred – rather than little touches here and there as the point of street art is to show your own style and not to do it sheepishly!


For a shortcut in props and decor, choose somewhere that already has this vibe going – the courtyard in Hoxton Arches is a perfect example but East London is full of great spaces that will work – that way you already have the basics done for you. Make sure your bridal style matches the look of this wedding. A grand princess dress just isn’t going to cut it!


What do you think? Are you brave enough for this look?