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Moodboard of the Month – Stylishly Spooky

It’s the last day of the month already and Autumn is definitely drawing in. I don’t know about you but I love that cost feeling when it starts getting a little darker and a little chiller.


you know we couldn’t pass Halloween without making our Moodboard of the Month a little spooky but I wanted to show you how you can achieve the Autumnal Halloween look for your wedding without the obvious ghosts and witches. A little gothic maybe but you don’t need to go overboard to create a darker vibe and it can still be so pretty!


Pumkins look amazing on tablescapes and really show off the theme brilliantly. Use orange as your pop of colour but keep the rest of the palette moody with subtle changes in grey shades and a lot of candle light. Twigs work brilliantly as decor too and can be a great inexpensive way of creating an atmosphere.


We hope this inspires you and we’d love to see pictures of your own Halloween weddings!



 Photographs all taken from Pinterest